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Digeo Unveils Moxi HD DVR, Inks Amazon Partnership

Digeo announced the consumer availability of its Moxi high-definition DVR, a premium home-entertainment system that includes no monthly fee or embedded advertising. The HD DVR is now available to consumers via the Web site.

The Paul Allen-backed company also announced that would be the exclusive launch retailer for the new HD DVR. The product is now available for $799 via the online retailer.

“When you have a product like Moxi HD DVR, which can set new standards for the way things go, why not partner with someone who has an entrepreneurial vision,” said Greg Gudorf, CEO of Digeo.

The Moxi HD DVR features a native HD experience with a 500GB hard drive, which can hold up to 75 hours of recordings at full 1080p resolution. The device allows for sharing of content from digital cable, as well as from PCs on a home network or the Internet.

Additionally, the HD DVR also offers access to Web-based services such as Flickr and Finetune, as well as remote Web and mobile browser scheduling.

Gudorf pointed out the Moxi HD DVR was not meant to be a mass-market product, and instead was aimed at digital cable users looking for premium features not provided by other DVR solutions.

“This is a 12 to 15 million, 10 to 15 percent type of target product. This is very clearly aimed at digital cable subscribers, to give them the best possible digital cable experience.”