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D-Link’s Covr-2202 Is Whole-Home Wi-Fi For 4K Streamers

Backhaul channel serves as communication link between units

D-Link has begun shipping its newest whole-home Wi-Fi solution: the Covr-2202.

Geared toward families who regularly stream 4K content — or for houses with dead spots —the device is engineered to provide scalable high-speed mesh Wi-Fi across an entire home.

It offers Wi-Fi 5 AC2200 speeds and uses tri-band Wi-Fi and a dedicated backhaul channel to serve as the communication link between units. This frees up the other two bands for faster streaming and downloads, said the company.

The Covr-22 also has built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility for a voice-controlled Wi-Fi network.

It’s currently available for a $299 suggested retail. 

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