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Court Upholds LG Patent Infringement


The U.S. district court
in Delaware has affirmed a March 2010 jury
finding that LG side-by-side refrigerators infringe
Whirlpool’s patented in-door ice dispenser

The court also expanded its ruling by finding
that LG French-door models infringe Whirlpool’s
patent as well, and that certain LG refrigerators
infringe a second Whirlpool patent on strengthened
refrigerator cabinets.

The court ordered a new trial to assess monetary
damages against LG related to the expanded
infringement findings and issues related to
enforceability of the patents.

A separate lawsuit is also pending in the Delaware
district court over refrigerators currently on
the market that LG allegedly modified “in an attempt
to skirt” the patent, Whirlpool said. A trial
date has not yet been scheduled in that case.