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Cornice Bows Its Own Low-Cost Minidrive

RCA, Samsung and DigitalWay are among suppliers who are adopting a new type of memory storage from Cornice.

The company is offering 1.5GB miniature hard drives to suppliers that can be used in devices such as cellphones, PDAs, handheld gaming machines, camcorders and GPS handhelds at a fraction of the cost of current built-in memory mechanisms, said Cornice.

The drive is about the size of a CompactFlash card but stores more memory at about a tenth of the price, or a third to half the price of an IBM MicroDrive, said Cornice president/CEO Kevin Magenis. The new Cornice Storage Element is expected to cost suppliers $65.

RCA is using the Element in its new Lyra MicoJukebox, and Samsung in its new combination digital camcorder/camera called the Digital Gadget ITCAM 7, Cornice said.