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Compaq’s New High-End Presario PCs Hit The Shelves

Compaq Computer started shipping new Presario PCs featuring new processors announced earlier this month from Intel and AMD.

The company also introduced four new notebooks and a digital camera add-on sleeve for the iPaq PocketPC.

The two models are part of the Presario 8000 Series with the entry-level PC featuring AMDs’ AthlonXP 1.67GHz chip and a $1,199 suggested retail price. The step-up model sports an Intel Pentium 4 2.2GHz processor and a $1,499 suggested retail price.

The notebooks are in the Presario 2700, 1700 and 700 series. The two 2700 models suggested retail price varies depending upon configuration, but the basic set up featuring an Intel Pentium III 1.13GHz chip and 512MB of RAM will cost $1,699. These notebooks come with DVD and CD-RW drives. The 700 model has a 14.1-inch LCD, an AMD Duron 1GHz processor and a $1,149 suggested retail price. The 1700 Series unit adds a combo DVD/CD-RW drive and a 20GB hard drive and carries a $1,599 suggested retail price.

All the desktop PCs will have a new keyboard that features a smart card slot developed by Humetrix. The slot accepts a credit card embedded with a chip that can remember Internet passwords, favorite Web sites and enable users to instantly access email accounts. The card can be inserted into any Internet Smart Card Keyboard essentially personalizing any PC.

Introduced this week at the International CES into the iPaq Pocket PC line was the Nexicam digital camera. The device, made by Nexian, is a sleeve developed specifically for the Compaq device and can take 800 x 600 resolution images. It will start shipping later this month with a $199 suggested retail price.