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Comcast Home Automation System Opens Up

Philadelphia — Comcast is opening up its monitored-security/home-automation system to operate with devices from a wide variety of home-automation brands.

The company’s Xfinity Home system has been available with a variety of unbranded devices such as smart plugs, smoke detectors, security cameras, light switches, door/window detectors, motion detectors and a water-leak detector, a spokesperson said. An Xfinity thermostat and a smart door lock from Kwikset have also been available.

In the summer, Xfinity Home customers will also be able to add the following devices to their smartphone-controlled home-automation system: August Smart Locks; Cuff smart jewelry that interacts with Xfinity Home products; Leeo’s Smart Alert Nightlight; Lutron Caséta Wireless dimmers, remote controls and battery-powered shades; Rachio’s smart sprinkler controllers; SkyBell’s video doorbells; and Whistle’s pet monitor.

The system will also connect to Automatic’s car adapter, which plugs into a car’s diagnostic port and, via connected cellphone, can be used to alert the Xfinity system when the car is approaching. The Xfinity system could, among other things, turn on the house lights as the car approaches.

Consumers will be able to buy the products from Comcast or from CE retailers, a spokesperson said.

Later this year, Comcast will release a software development kit (SDK) and a certification program so home-automation suppliers can offer products that work with Xfinity Home.

In addition, Comcast plans to integrate Xfinity Home with Nest Labs products through the Works with Nest certification program.

Comcast’s Xfinity Home mobile apps will control the new partner devices as well as the company’s monitored home-security service, which is monitored around the clock by a central station monitoring. The security system comes with a battery backup and cellular backup.

Xfinity Home service tiers consist of the Control 150 home-automation tier at $19.95/month and two security/home-automation packages at $30 and $40/month.

Whether it’s through the television, an app or a voice command, we’re giving customers one easy-to-use experience to control all their favorite devices, seamlessly on the same platform,” claimed Xfinity Home SVP/GM Dan Herscovici.