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CES 2016: Game Console Covers Are Toast

Gaming consoles are finally getting their own stylish covers with Toast’s launch of PS4 and Xbox One covers that transform gaming consoles into wooden sculptures.

Each Toast cover is laser-cut from real wood veneer and finished by hand for a precise fit and perfect finish, according to the company. The grain patterns of each piece of veneer are cut to match, creating a seamless look as they wrap around the game console. The veneer is paired with a high-quality 3M adhesive that attaches the cover directly and securely to the console. This adds protection, grip and gorgeousness while retaining the sleek profile of the console’s design. The average thickness of a Toast cover is just 0.8 mm.

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Gamers can personalize their Toast covers with laser-engraved text in a variety of fonts and sizes, or they can customize a cover with an engraving of original artwork or a logo.

Beyond the dialed-in style and tactile warmth that they bring to each device, Toast covers also provide a layer of protection against bumps, nicks and scratches. They feature multiple applications of a hand-rubbed finish to repel normal dirt and stains. If a Toast cover ever has to be removed, it will come off cleanly without leaving any residue, said the company.

Toast gaming covers are available in four sustainable wood choices: walnut, ash, bamboo and ebony. Retail pricing starts at $59 for standard covers, $64 with custom text engraving, and $89 for fully customized covers.