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CEDIA Expo: Elite Screens Upgrades eFinity PolarStar Projection Screen

Elite Prime Vision, the dedicated custom install division of Elite Screens, is highlighting at CEDIA Expo its upgraded eFinity-PolarStar Edge Free projection screen.

The eFinity-PolarStar now comes in more sizes with enhanced features, the company said. The design features a wrap-around ambient light rejecting material over an internal framework.

Elite said it has improved the already-popular product, with more accurate color fidelity and better black level performance and flat spectral response, as confirmed by its certification by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF).

Other new enhancements include a redesigned means of connecting the material that is faster and easier to attach. There is now a sturdier and more aesthetic 6mm removable edge bezel included. Also included is a wrap-around, RF remote-controlled, multi-colored LED kit.

The ambient light rejecting characteristics of the PolarStar 5D material rejects up to 85 percent of ambient room light and is polarized for optimum 3D rendition. It is an angular-reflective tensioned PVC multi-layer screen material with a reflective brightness level of 1.3 gain and a 70-degree wide viewing angle.

The silver-gray protective surface coating is a reflective compound that filters out indirect light while enhancing contrast levels to maintain picture brightness and clarity in dark or illuminated rooms. In addition the material is polarized for active or passive 3D presentations while maintaining 92 percent polarization levels, Elite said.

The material is compatible with 4K, 1080p, 720p, WXGA and XGA formats.

The screen has a starting price at $2,248 and is available in 16:9 and 2.35:1 aspect ratios with sizes available from 84 inches to 200 inches, available now, and up to 235 inches coming soon.

The eFinity projection screens will be available through Elite Prime Vision’s line of dedicated residential and commercial integrator products. It comes with Elite’s limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.