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Car Speakers: Pioneer TS-D1730C

Pioneer’s $200-suggested TS-D1730C component-speaker package delivers exceptionally open and smooth music reproduction with solid bass response, bolder vocals, precise staging and clear separation. It’s also flexible enough for installation in a broader range of vehicles, thanks in large part to a crossover network redesigned to reduce chassis size significantly while still using highquality capacitors, inductors and resistors. The crossover is small enough to fit inside a door, under the dash or behind a panel.

The TS-D1730C includes a pair of 6- by 9-inch and 6.75-inch woofer/tweeter installation plates designed to mount the woofers and tweeters into factory door locations. The plates are pre-scored to match the speaker locations in many Toyota, Scion and Honda vehicles. The package also includes tweeter spacers to accommodate flush or angle mounting.