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Canon Plans To Showcase Broad MiniDV Lineup At CES

Canon U.S.A. said it will be showcasing its current line of consumer camcorders at January’s CES, and hinted that select invitees will be given a behind-doors briefing on a few next-generation models.

The company’s digital video assortment will include the Canon XL1S, which expands upon the early XL1 with 27 new enhancements.

Key new features include improved picture and additional manual controls. The Canon XL1S offers interchangeable lenses, viewfinders and shoulder mounts for customized use. A pro-sumer model, the camcorder includes a 3-chip CCD and carries a $4,699 suggested retail price.

Model GL1 is another 3-chip CCD model in the MiniDV digital format. It combines high-resolution video image quality with advanced lenses, signal processing, manual controls and other production features. It is shipping now at $2,699.

The Optura 100MC offers dual-mode recording, performing as both a camcorder and digital still camera. The 1.3 million megapixel CCD captures high-quality digital video and film-like digital photos at 1280 X 960 resolution — four times higher than conventional 640 X 480 rimages ecorded by most digital camcorders.

Key features include a 10X zoom lens plus, 200X digital zoom with optical image stabilization in both video and photo modes, built-in auto pop-up flash, and extended recording mode. It is shipping at a $1,899 suggested retail price.

The Elura 20MC and Elura 10 are billed as well-featured compact MiniDV camcorders, both of which feature multiple shooting modes and connectivity options. The camcorders are roughly the size of a cellphone and weigh just over one pound with battery and tape. Video and still images are recorded to tape on the Elura 10 ($1,299), while the Elura 20MC ($1,499) offers a MultiMedia/Secure Digital Card slot for flash memory storage of digital snap shots.

Models ZR20, ZR25MS and ZR30MC offer more affordable MiniDV camcorder options for novices, raging in suggested retail price from $799 to $999. All feature compact body styling, weigh just over a pound, and include translucent color accents.