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Canon Intros GL1 Mini-DV Camcorder

Canon announced it has added to its prosumer line a new digital camcorder that is the first mini-DV model to include a 20x optical zoom lens.

Called the GL1, the new Canon camcorder is designed for sophisticated consumers and professionals looking to produce broadcast-quality video. The model, which will join the current XL1 in the series, is equipped with a Canon exclusive L-Series Fluorite optical zoom lens and 3 CCD image sensors.

A digital zoom extension boosts the effective focal range to 100x.

The GL1 also incorporates Canon’s proprietary optical image stabilization technology that keeps handheld images steady without degrading the resolution.

A 2.5″ Flexible View screen LCD monitor panel and color electronic viewfinder simplify shot composition from a variety of angles.

The camcorder also offers three shooting modes, including Frame Movie, which records high-speed action at 30 frames per second to produce high-resolution still frame video. Normal Movie mode delivers more than 500 lines of resolution for superior image quality and color rendition for playback on television screens, the company said.

Digital Photo mode captures more than 700 still frame images on a single 80-minute cassette in the SP record speed. Each still image is recorded for approximately six seconds.

To optimize the SLR-like capability of the camcorder, Canon supplies three compatible speedlight flash attachments: the 220EX, 380EX and 550EX.

As with other Canon DV camcorders, the GL1 includes IEEE 1394 FireWire bi-directional connectivity with PCs and other digital recorders.

The GL1 ships with a battery pack, compact power adapter, DC coupler, shoulder strap, wireless controller, S-video cable, stereo video cable, DV cassette, and lens hood. It is available in September at a $2,699 suggested retail price.