Burg's Cellphone Watch Targeted To Kids, Seniors

Wearable features GPS tracking, emergency calling

Nyack, N.Y. – Burg, the maker of cellphone-equipped smart watches, is targeting its latest wearable to kids and seniors.

The $129 Burg 31, which comes with analog hands, incorporates GPS to track kids and seniors. For emergencies, it provides one-touch 911 calls and speed dialing of up to three pre-set numbers without the use of a Bluetooth-connected smartphone.

The watch makes and receives calls using an included SIM card, though it can also be paired with Android phones, iPhones and other smartphones to place calls via Bluetooth.

The water-resistant device, which also sends and receives texts, delivers two-day standby time, two to three hours of talk time, and three to four hours of music playback. It comes with 128Mbps storage.

The $129 price includes SIM card, USB to Micro USB cable, 4GB Micro SD card that can be upgraded to 16GB, headphones, watch battery, and stylus.

Other Burg smart watches are available through Amazon and Shop HQ.

The Dutch-owned company entered the U.S. market in 2014 following smart watch launches in Europe and Asia. At CES, the company unveiled a new collection of smart watches with such features as voice activation and stainless-steel housing.

The watches are designed by Hermen van den Burg, the Dutch lifestyle designer for Ikea and Target.


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