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Bluetooth Headset With Advanced Features Debuts

A new miniaturized Bluetooth headset, called scala-700, is available from Cardo Systems. The unit weighs less than 0.5 ounce and offers a multi-pairing capability that allows consumers to easily switch the headset’s connection between paired mobile phones. It also offers wind- and noise-reduction technology and a “unique” feature that allows users to locate the tiny device if it is accidentally misplaced.

The scala-700 can be used outdoors regardless of weather conditions or environment where it significantly reduces wind and other background noise to provide “superb” audio quality through a six-level volume range.

Features include a battery status indicator light and hands-free access to call waiting, call reject and caller ID. The headset offers a total of 240 hours of stand-by time, up to 10 hours of talk time and two to three hours of recharge time.

Suggested retail is $49.99.

Also new from Cardo is the scala-750, which upgrades the scala-700 by adding a portable LCD screen and headset carrying pouch, allowing users to monitor incoming calls via the screen’s caller ID function. Users can view incoming numbers up to 30 feet from their cellular phones for ultimate mobility, said Cardo. Suggested retail is $64.49.

Cardo also is introducing a VoIP version of its scala-500 Bluetooth headset. The new scala-500 VoIP utilizes proven Bluetooth technology to allow VoIP users to manage their online calls wirelessly.

Weighing just over 0.5 ounce and boasting a talktime of up to 7.5 hours, the scala-500 VoIP works as a stand-alone Bluetooth device for mobile phones, or as a VoIP headset with a laptop or workstation when paired with Cardo’s VoIP adapter. The adapter can be connected to the user’s laptop or PC via a USB port, and can deliver a remote, voice-controlled, hands-free VoIP experience at a distance of up to 30 feet.

Additional features include two to three hours of recharge time, one full week of standby time and 13 different volume levels. Suggested retail is $69.99 for the scala-500 VoIP headset that comes with the Bluetooth VoIP adapter and headset.