Beltronics Adds ‘Easy-Install’ Radar Detector

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WEST CHESTER, OHIO — The newest addition to the Beltronics line of radar and laser detectors is the RX45, billed as being fully integrated, completely hidden and quick to install.

The RX45’s platform is based on the company’s Professional series of radar detectors. The unit is available at prices starting at $549.

“It is complete radar detection in that [it detects] all of the guns you’re going to encounter in North America,” said marketing manager Ron Gividen. It also features “forwardlooking laser reception,” he added.

The RX45 was engineered to address dealer concerns about allocating shop time and labor resources for complex accessory installations, such as a custom-installed systems. To hasten install times, the RX45 combines traditional connectors, cables and previously separated functionality into a compact system.

“It really is a three-wire installation,” Gividen said. “There’s a very small display controller you can mount anywhere … Some people put it down in the console center. Other people place it by the ignition switch.”

Other features of the RX45 include Auto Mute, tone alerts and audible alerts. The base system is upgradeable to include the company’s Laser Shifting System, meant to provide laser protection.


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