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Dirac Collaborates With ASUS To Provide Immersive Sound Experiences

Dirac Virtuo delivers premium, immersive sound on the new ASUS gaming smartphones and laptops

(image credit: ASUS)

Dirac recently announced an expansion of their partnership with ASUS with the inclusion of the award-winning Dirac Virtuo spatial audio solution into the new ASUS ROG Phone 7 series of gaming smartphones and Vivobook and ExpertBook series of laptops. This latest collaboration marks the first time Dirac’s digital audio solutions are featured in ASUS award-winning line-up of laptops.

“Today’s consumer demand for premium video and audio quality is higher than ever, and through our partnership with Dirac we are exceeding our community’s expectations with awe-inspiring sound reproduction across some of our latest flagship devices,” said an ASUS representative in a statement. “The realistic spatial soundstage created by Dirac Virtuo brings audio to life in ways previously not possible, creating richer, more immersive gaming, music, and movie experiences. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Dirac to provide our ASUS community with the world’s best mobile sound.”

Dirac Virtuo enables a high-resolution spatial and immersive sound experience by creating a spacious, natural soundscape beyond the physical confines the sound system with accurate sound localization.

“Working directly with global technology leaders is core to our mission to improve the state of digital sound reproduction across various device types and use cases,” said Mats Oberg, Dirac Chief Commercial Officer. “By integrating Dirac Virtuo into ASUS’ new flagship smartphones and laptops, we are delivering on our vision to show the world that immersive, clear, and balanced sound experiences don’t only have to come from an expensive surround sound theater system. We are committed to working with device makers of all types to ensure premium sound experiences are available to everyone, everywhere.”

For smartphones and laptops – like the ROG Phone 7, the Vivobook, and the ExpertBook – Dirac Virtuo enables immersive sound from the device’s built-in speakers while enhancing the speakers’ overall sound quality. The solution compensates for the shortcomings of small speakers to enhance their acoustic performance dramatically, while also creating a soundstage much wider than the device itself – enabling exceptional immersion for gaming, movies, music and more without requiring multi-channel or object-based content types.

For headphones connected to the ROG Phone 7, Dirac Virtuo employs a high-resolution binaural impulse response technology to restore speaker crosstalk and correct the stereo soundstage. With Dirac Virtuo, sound seemingly comes from a pair of premium stereo speakers in front of the listener, rather than from inside their head – creating a truer, more accurate, and immersive stereo soundstage than standard headphones can deliver.

The Vivobook and ExpertBook series of laptops offer users Dirac-optimized sound modes that enhance performance for specific audio use cases. Music Mode delivers rich, detailed audio to clearly reproduce each note and beat, while Game Mode creates a wider, more immersive soundstage for more realistic gaming experiences. Movie lovers who use Movie Mode can enjoy clearer dialogue and virtualized surround sound for a cinematic experience. Finally, Voice Mode ensures clear, consistent voice quality ideal for video and audio conferences with friends and colleagues.

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