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A-Audio Readying Headphone Expansion

Miami — A-Audio Headphones is expanding its line to include a wireless version of its flagship model.

The Legacy Wireless headphones feature Bluetooth 4.0 with a 30-foot range, active noise canceling, 40mm Mylar drivers, on-ear controls and an included 6.5mm adapter. They can also be used as wired headphones when the battery dies.

Suggested retail is $379. They will begin shipping in August in Liquid Chrome and Phantom Black finishes.   

The wired Legacy headphones ($299) launched late last year. This model, which is also available in Liquid Chrome and Phantom Black, has 40mm Mylar drivers, active noise canceling and an additional input jack on the ear cup. A 6.3mm adapter is included. Frequency response is listed at 20Hz to 20kHz. 

A-Audio is also launching the Lyric headphones, an on-ear model with leather articulating and collapsible ear cups. These have 40mm Mylar drivers, stainless-steel construction and a $199 price tag. They will be available next month.  

Finally, the new earphones from A-Audio are designed be lightweight — they come in at less than half an ounce, the company said — while still providing rich bass. Details include 8mm Mylar drivers and three sizes of ear tips. Frequency response is listed at 20Hz to 20kHz.

They will be priced at $99 when they ship in July.  

All of the headphones employ the company’s proprietary audio protocol, known as EliteHD, and all come with a 4-foot cable with in-line mic and remote. 

A-Audio was founded in 2012.