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AT&T Plays Up Internet Of Things

Las Vegas — AT&T came to Super Mobility Week with a trio of Internet-of-Things (IoT) announcements, including plans for a second-gen Filip wearable cellphone/GPS-locator for kids.

The carrier also announced plans to offer cellular data service for the planned My Intelligent Communication Accessory (MICA) wearable, a woman’s bracelet designed by fashion retailer Opening Ceremony and engineered by Intel. It will be sold by Barneys and Opening Ceremony in time for Christmas. MICA displays SMS messages, meeting alerts, and general notifications without the need to pair with a smartphone.

AT&T also announced that after a year of free data service for the previously announced $399 Timex Ironman One GPS+ smart watch, service will cost only $40 for the second year of data and messaging. AT&T will also let customers add a watch to their mobile share account with no contract. The watch is due later this year.

The wearable Filip 2, like its predecessor, is designed for children ages 5 through 11 by Filip Technologies. It doubles as a watch and lets kids make and receive GSM voice calls to and from five numbers approved by parents. It uses assisted GPS, cell tower location and Wi-Fi hot spot triangulation to let parents locate the wearer via an Android or Apple smartphone running a Filip app. An emergency button triggers an automatic location beacon and dials emergency services if family members cannot be reached. The device also lets parents set Safe Zones, triggering a notification if the child enters or leaves a designated zone. Service costs $10 per month for unlimited two-way voice calling and messaging to the wearer.

The Filip 2, which will be available in the fall at AT&T stores and, will offer the same functionality as its predecessor, but the new model has been redesigned but was redesigned for improved durability more natural wrist shape, adjustable sizing via optional spacers so kids can grow with it, and four new colors. The Filip app for iOS and Android phones will feature an improved user interface with an easier set-up process, AT&T said.

Filip 2 pricing and a specific availability date wasn’t Filip, but the price of the original Filip will be lowered to $99 on Sept. 12 and will be valid until Filip 2 is available.

For another customer segment, the MICA is billed as “putting fashion first.” Ayse Ildeniz, Intel New Devices Group VP, said the bracelet “ushers in a new era converging fashion and technology by integrating a woman’s luxury accessory with technology in order to complement and enhance a woman’s work and social life.”

As for the $399 Timex Ironman One GPS+, it’s equipped with built-in GPS and cellular radio, which receives text messages and email via AT&T’s 3G HSPA network. Users must sign up for a Timex email account.

The touchscreen-equipped watch, available in November, also incorporates built-in 4GB MP3 player and stereo Bluetooth for listening to music over Bluetooth headphones without carrying a music-laden smartphone. Fitness- and running-related apps are also included and connect to fitness sensors via Bluetooth. No smartphone is required.

The watch lacks cellular voice capability, and to get text messages, it requires a phone number separate from a user’s main phone, AT&T told TWICE.

The product will be sold through,, AT&T stores, sports specialty stores and electronic stores. Bundled with a Bluetooth heart-rate monitor, it will be priced at $450.

The watch features an always-on Qualcomm Mirasol display that’s readable in sunlight. A Find Me mode lets users send an alert with exact location in case of an emergency, and a tracking capability communicates the user’s location to friends and family anytime.