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AT&T OKs TV Place-Shifting Via 3G To iPhone

DALLAS — AT&T has approved the use of iPhones to placeshift
a home’s TV or DVR content if the phones use a revised,
more bandwidth-efficient version of SlingMedia’s SlingPlayer
Mobile TV app.

At press time, the revised app was not yet available for download
through Apple’s iTunes store.

When the revised app becomes available, it will join Sling-
Player apps that enable 3G streaming to multiple Windows
Mobile phones and select Nokia Symbian-OS phones that operate
on the AT&T network, SlingMedia’s Web site shows.
Previously, the iPhone version of the app could be used only
via the iPhone’s embedded Wi-Fi to let users remotely control
their TV or DVR and stream live or recorded content for viewing
on the iPhone display. The TV and DVR must be connected
to a Slingbox component.

SlingMedia has also written versions of the app that run via
Wi-Fi on 2.5G BlackBerrys, the Web site shows.
SlingPlayer-equipped phones that place-shift TV via
3G over the AT&T Network include the Windows Mobilebased
HTC Tilt, LG Incite, Samsung Epix, Pantech Duo,
and HTC Fuze, SlingMedia’s Web site shows.

Select 3G
Nokia phones are also listed by SlingMedia as compatible
with the app.