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AT&T Brings Back Unlimited-Data Plan

AT&T dropped unlimited-data plans in 2010, but the carrier is bringing them back, though only to current and new subscribers to its U-verse and DirecTV pay-TV services.

The company said the unlimited plan is the “first of many integrated video and mobility offers” that will be announced this year along with “a wide-range of new video entertainment options.”

The unlimited plan, available Jan. 12, includes unlimited data, talk and text at $100/month for one line and $40 for each additional smartphone or tablet line, with a fourth line free. For a family of four, the cost of four smartphones will be $180/month, excluding the price of the phones.

Consumers switching to AT&T wireless are also eligible for up to $500 in credits.

Like before, consumers who combine AT&T wireless and DirecTV/U-Verse bills will save an additional $10/month per household account.

Consumers looking to add DirecTV can get the pay-TV service at prices starting at $19.99/month for 12 months with a 24-month contract.

The plan does not reduce the resolution of video streams as it does with T-Mobile’s BingeOn plan, which allows for unlimited video streaming of select video services, said Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions.

Unlimited-plan customers who don’t need unlimited data for a tablet can opt for a tablet plan delivering 1GB of data for $10/month. Smart watches can also be added to an unlimited-plan account at $10/month, and basic phones can be added at $25/month.