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Equator Advanced Appliances Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

Independent retailers can enter for a chance to win 1 of 10 of the latest generation Super Combo EZ 5500 CV washer-dryer combo units

Equator Advanced Appliances is celebrating its 30th anniversary by providing their valued independent retailers a chance to win 1 of 10 of their latest generation Super Combo EZ 5500 CV — a washer-dryer combo unit that features new sanitize, allergen, quiet and winterize programs.

The Dealer Sweepstakes offer is open till April 30, 2021. Click here for sweepstakes details.

“After pioneering the combination washer-dryer technology in the U.S. and being in business for 30 years, we want to invite the dealers who helped us reach this milestone to celebrate with us,” said Atul Vir, President of Equator Advanced Appliances in a statement. The prize units are available in blue or white. Additionally, winners will receive an autographed copy of Vir’s book about his experiences as an entrepreneur in his quest to achieve the American Dream. Underdog Thinking (Amazon).

The new 10th Gen Super Combo EZ 5500 CV can wash and dry up to 18 pounds of laundry. It automatically senses how much water it needs for each load to prevent any waste. Once the wash cycle is done, the Super Combo switches to the dry cycle — using only the amount of heat needed for the optimum time. The unit is the only combo in the world that offers an optional vented or condensing dry that can be changed at the touch of a button according to the season.

Equator Advanced Appliances Super Combo EZ 5500 CV washer-dryer combo unit

“This washer-dryer combo will do everything, except fold the clothes,” said Vir. “The touch-button controls are intuitive so a user can open the door after a cycle has started to add in that dropped sock.” The electronic controls with LED lights make this appliance easy to use and even has a child lock on the controls just in case little hands start pressing buttons. Our engineers designed it to be energy and water efficient with a 1400 rpm spin that can operate with low water pressure. Dual fans provide faster drying.

The SANITIZE cycle heats water to 165 degrees to kill any viruses or contagions. The ALLERGEN cycle eliminates dust mites and other causes of common allergies. The baffles inside the stainless steel drum are coated with an anti-microbial technology to avoid bacteria growth. Run the unit in Self-clean mode to remove mold, dirt and bacteria that may have been left behind.

The 15 different programs make washing everything from lacy delicates to bulky towels easy. It’s only 33.5 inches high by 23.5 inches wide and by a depth of 25 inches. Users will love how quiet the machine operates with a decibel reading of less than 60. A great feature of the Model 5500 is how quickly it can be winterized with the touch of a button. The MSRP of the EZ 5500 CV is $1,899-1,999 depending on color.

About Equator Advanced Appliances
Equator Advanced Appliances was founded in April, 1991. Its product line includes laundry, refrigerators, wine coolers, induction cooktops and other essential home appliances. Equator’s groundbreaking eco-friendly products have been featured over 1,000 times in the media including Fortune, Popular Mechanics, Better Homes and Gardens, the Wall Street Journal and Oprah. Now commencing its 31st year in business, Equator remains committed to creating ingenious products that solve real problems in its customers’ lives. For inquiries, please contact: Nick Mathews, 713-589-2123, [email protected].

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