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LG Introduces 4 Smart Ranges With ‘Knock On’ InstaView Technology Plus Air Fry

New ranges are available nationwide

LG has announced the release of four new LG InstaView Ranges with Air Fry, starting at $1,099. The ranges offer the exclusive LG InstaView™ “knock on” technology, as well as LG Proactive Customer Care – an exclusive preventive maintenance service that sends users customizes tips and alerts to keep their range performing its best.

“As U.S. consumers prepare more meals at home, they are craving new ways to make meal prep simpler, more exciting and fun,” said Peggy Ang, head of marketing at LG Electronics USA in a statement. “LG’s new ranges make it easy for everyone to get involved in mealtime with the LG InstaView glass door that enables users to easily turn on the oven light with two quick knocks, while the Air Fry technology delivers the crispy flavor of comfort food for a crowd fast. Trying new recipes is even easy with access to smart recipe apps that guide you step-by-step.”

LG InstaView ranges let users check cooking progress without opening the door or reaching over a hot cooktop to flip a switch. Simply knock twice on the oven’s glass window with an elbow, knee or even foot to illuminate the interior and visually monitor cooking progress.

The four LG InstaView Ranges with Air Fry technology provide quick, satisfying, crispy flavor without the guilt or wasted counter space. Unlike smaller countertop air fryers, Air Fry is built into the large capacity oven for the flexibility to feed a crowd. High temperatures and the convection fan work together to deliver the crunch that the whole family craves without the extra oil.

When Air Fry is not in use, LG True Convection delivers continuous, precise heat for even browning and crisping. Cleanup is simple with LG EasyClean® – the fastest oven-clean feature available.

Connecting to the smart ranges with LG’s ThinQ™ app, users can start the oven, set timers, or check meal status from anywhere, making multitasking easy, as well as go hands-free and operate select features of the oven with voice commands through Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Additionally, LG’s new smart ranges come with LG Proactive Customer Care – a personalized customer support tool that offers preventative maintenance tips, alerts, and monthly usage reports customized to each user to help keep appliances performing their best. Using LG’s ThinQ app, Proactive Customer Care can both preempt and solve potential issues faster than ever so users don’t miss a beat at home.

LG InstaView Ranges with Air Fry

  • Model LRGL5825 gas freestanding range ($1,199 in PrintProof™ Stainless, $1,299 in PrintProof Black Stainless)
  • Model LREL6325 electric freestanding range ($1,099 in PrintProof Stainless, $1,199 in PrintProof Black Stainless)

LG Convection Ranges with Air Fry

  • LRGL5823 gas freestanding range ($999 in Stainless, $1,099 in PrintProof Black Stainless)
  • LREL6323 electric freestanding range ($899 in Stainless, $999 in PrintProof Black Stainless)

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