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Apple’s AR/VR Headset Reportedly Enough To Pique Samsung’s Interest In Micro OLED Tech

Samsung is thought to be readying microLED displays at Apple's behest

(Source: LetsGoDigital and Concept Creator)

Samsung has reportedly increased its interest in working with micro OLED displays following a request from Apple and other companies.

While Samsung was said to have limited interest in the technology, with “only a few research staff” working on it, The Elec says that has now changed with Apple and Meta among the companies enquiring about whether Samsung could produce displays. Low profitability was thought to have been the main reason Samsung wasn’t interested initially, but with the Apple AR/VR headset expected to arrive next year and a second generation model penciled in for 2025, Samsung is now paying attention.

MicroOLED technology is also not a must for headsets and there are other competing technologies.

But as Apple is expected to launch a mixed reality headset with MicroOLED next year and Meta is also planning to launch their own, there is pressure on Samsung Display to appease its customers.

LG Display is already said to be planning to provide micro OLED displays to Apple and it’s thought that could have applied more pressure on Samsung.

Little concrete information is known about Apple’s headset plans, although a launch in or around the first part of 2023 now seems most likely. The headset is also expected to be costly in its first iteration, with prices north of $3,000 likely. An updated 2025 model is rumored to have a cheaper version as part of the roadmap, but plans could change between now and then.

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