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Apple Unveils iPhone 11 with Ultra-Wide Camera, Night Mode for Just $699: Tom’s Guide Report

The new iPhone is better and cheaper

The iPhone 11 is here, and Apple is placing a big bet on camera upgrades. The best part? The iPhone 11 is cheaper than the previous $749 iPhone XR, starting at just $699.

The iPhone 11 pre-orders start this Friday and it ships Sept. 20.

iPhone 11 camera

The new iPhone 11 adds a second rear 12-MP camera that takes ultra-wide photos. And Apple is also catching up in a big way when it comes to low light performance.

The secondary camera not only lets you take in more of the scene, but Apple redesigned the camera app to give you a preview of what your photos would look like should you switch to the ultra-wide camera.

There’s also a new Night Mode that kicks in automatically when you’re snapping pics, so you don’t have to switch anything in the camera.

iPhone 11 design

The iPhone 11 offers an anodized aluminum and glass design, and Apple says it’s the strongest glass in a smartphone. Yes, there is a bump on the back of the phone that houses the new glass, but Apple says it was sculpted using 3D geometry for a sleek look.

This phone will come in 6 colors, including purple, white, yellow, green and Product Red.

iPhone 11 display and audio

As expected, the iPhone 11 features a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina Display (still just LCD), but Apple upped the ante on the audio front with spatial audio for a more theater-like experience. And you get support for Dolby Atmos sound.

iPhone 11 video

One of the best parts of the iPhone 11 is that you can start recording video just by long pressing the camera button, but the real highlight is that Apple claims that this is the best quality video ever in a smartphone.

You can easily switch back and forth between the wide and ultra-wide cameras on the iPhone 11 while you’re shooting footage, and there’s improved optical image stabilization for steadier shoots.

The video fun continues on the front of the camera, as you can now take 4K videos and also slo-motion selfies for the first time.

A13 CPU and battery life

The iPhone 11 features Apple’s new A13 Bionic chip, which promises faster performance. Apple says you’ll get the fastest CPU and graphics performance in a phone. And you should get even getter real-world gaming performance in upcoming titles like Pascal’s Wager.

But the bigger upgrade for most people will be the additional hour of battery life. And the iPhone XR was already one of the longest lasting phones.

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