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API Readies Series Of Low-Price Speakers For High-Volume Chains

Audio Products International will target high-volume retailers more aggressively with a new high-value, low-price speaker series targeted to high-volume chains, including NATM members, Best Buy and Circuit City.

The Audition series, part of the entry-level Athena brand, will demo well on a variety of high-volume sales floors because the speakers are efficient and don’t need sophisticated electronics to be driven, the company said.

Through its Mirage, Energy and Athena brands, API has targeted independent specialists and regional electronics specialty chains. The company’s largest accounts to date are Tweeter and The Good Guys. The company is retiring the Sound Dynamics brand.

Audition consists of two two-way towers at $600 and $400/pair, two two-way bookshelf speakers at $149 and $229/pair, and a $179 LCR. They’re covered in black woodgrain vinyl.

Also under the Athena name, API has introduced other new speakers, including a $175/pair S.5 that reduces the brand’s opening price to $175/pair from $275/pair for a two-way bookshelf. The current $275/pair model can be docked to optional floorstanding subwoofer modules.

Other new Athena models are a $275 P.5 powered subwoofer and the $175 C.5 center channel. An $800 surround-sound speaker system can be built with the new products.