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Antec is highlighting the new Signature series of advanced power supply units. Available in 850 and 650 watts, the series utilizes active DC-to-DC voltage regulation as opposed to the standard passive magnetic amplifier method, providing for shorter transient response times and greater system stability, the company said. The Signature series also features an advanced cooling system with a Pulse Width Modulation fan, which can reportedly run at speeds as low as 15 percent of its maximum for quieter operation.

The Signature Series power supply units utilize a dual-power circuit board layout to optimize airflow and reduce electrical noise. They also include a hybrid, advanced cable-management system to provide optimal power distribution and airflow. Mandatory cables are hardwired to reduce resistance and energy waste, while peripheral cables can be installed as needed.

Antec is also showing its new Twelve Hundred gaming case, offering 12 drive bays, seven expansion slots and space for even the largest graphics cards, according to Antec, as well as a multi-fan cooling system. The Three Hundred enclosure is designed to be both affordable and versatile with nine drive bays, seven expansion slots, quiet cooling system and cable-management compartment.