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Amazon Tops HP & Apple In Tablet UX: Temkin

But HP and Lenovo win most improved player award

Sometimes, simplicity sells.

Amazon took top honors in Temkin Group’s ratings for customer experience in the computer and tablet industry, besting Hewlett-Packard.

Apple, meanwhile, tied for third place along with Lenovo and Dell.

Companies were rated based on three parameters, with questions posed to 10,000 U.S. consumers:

  • Success: Can you do what you want to do?
  • Effort: How easy is it to work with the company?
  • Emotion: How do you feel about the interactions?

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Scores were averaged to produce the “Temkin Experience Rating.” A score of 70 percent or above is considered “good,” while 80 percent or above is considered “excellent.” Anything below 60 percent is considered “poor.”

Full rankings:

  • Amazon: 71 percent
  • Hewlett-Packard: 69 percent
  • Lenovo: 66 percent
  • Apple: 66 percent
  • Dell: 66 percent
  • Sony: 64 percent
  • Acer: 64 percent
  • Barnes & Noble: 63 percent
  • Gateway: 58 percent
  • Asus: 57 percent
  • Toshiba: 55 percent

The overall computer and tablet industry averaged a 65.5 percent rating, staying relatively flat from 2017’s 65.7 percent.

HP and Lenovo saw their customer experience score improve the most over the previous year as each of their ratings went up 4 percent, said the firm. Barnes & Noble, Gateway and Asus each dropped by 4 points.