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Amazon Adds Another Dash Of GE

GE Appliance, an early adherent of Amazon’s Dash automated reordering system, is about to bring some more products to the replenishment party.

As a refresher, Dash is a Wi-Fi-based replenishment system for frequently-used household products. Embedded in devices, it can automatically reorder items through Amazon, like printer toner, when levels are sensed to be low.

Conversely, Amazon customers can opt to affix a growing array of branded Dash buttons to convenient locations around the house that allow for one-touch ordering at, well, the push of a button.

The latest raft of GE Appliances to receive the Dash feature include the company’s Wi-Fi-connected dryers and dishwashers, which will soon be updated to allow for automatic reordering of dryer fabric softener sheets and dishwasher detergent packs.

GE was an early participant in the Dash program, having previously integrated its high-efficiency washer. Explained GE VP Liz VerSchure, who oversees the company’s connected-product initiatives: “We are inspired by our owners to simplify their lives, offering convenience and peace of mind by enhancing product functionality.”

Other products among the latest Dash contingent include:

 *iUSHU by AESOP-Works, a smart device that monitors medicine and vitamin usage, keeps track of how much medicine is being consumed and when, and provides gentle reminders when dosages are missed. Over-the-counter medicines and vitamins can now be automatically reordered when supplies run low.

*Behmor’s Connected Brewer, a customizable temperature control brewing system that’s part of the Dado Labs family of IoT products. Coffee can now be reordered automatically.

*Neato Botvac Connected, a Wi-Fi- enabled navigating robot vacuum that accepts cleaning instructions via app. Owners can automatically reorder replacement filters and brushes when supplies are needed.

*Petcube Bites, an all-in-one interactive treat camera designed to help owners care for their pets remotely, and treat and reward them. Features include 1080p HD video, 4x digital zoom and night vision. With Dash Replenishment, Petcube Bites leverages built-in sensors to track when treat volume is running low, triggering an automatic reorder.

*Simplehuman’s smart trash can, which can now reorder new liners automatically.

*The SmartThings open home-automation platform. Customers can now auto-replenish batteries for connected devices like door locks, cameras and sensors.

Other Dash additions will include smart-security provider Vivint and Hershey, although their replenishment plans were unavailable at post time.