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Amana To Ship Its Big Oven Next Month

Amana, Iowa — Amana Appliances will begin shipping its aptly named The Big Oven to dealers on Oct. 9.

The oven, which was introduced to the trade this past summer, is touted as having the largest cooking capacity — 5.14 cubic feet — of any standard household range on the market.

Despite its interior girth, the oven is no larger in size than any other freestanding, 30-inch-wide household range, thanks to innovative engineering and high-tech insulation, the company said.

Two gas models of The Big Oven will be the first to ship, while the remainder of the line, including electric and convection-equipped numbers, will be available early next year.

The first two units will be available in black, white and bisque, and for the initial release will carry suggested retail prices of $749 for Model ACF3335A with the electronic knob/slew combination, and $899 for Model ACF3375A with smart DigiPad control.

In addition to its capacity, other Big Oven features include an exclusive up-front simmer burner that eliminates the nuisance of reaching over hot pots in front to stir sauce or other simmering items in back. Also, the oven door holds what the company is calling the “largest viewing window available” on a standard-sized range.

The door itself is specially counterbalanced so it will stay open in any position and won’t snap shut, and it swings on redesigned hinges for smoother and quieter operation.