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Alpine Throws A Pickup Line

Las Vegas – Alpine expanded its selection of vehicle-specific Alpine Restyle kits bundled with a 9-inch car-navigation/multimedia receiver to replace smaller factory displays in specific full-size trucks and some SUVs.

The X009 nav system and kits are bundled with wiring to plug into the factory wiring harness, antenna adapter if necessary, and an iDataLink Maestro module that connects to the factory databus to retain factory infotainment-system features. In many cases, the module also adds features that the factory infotainment systems don’t offer.

The dash kits match the color, texture and shape of the factory dash to maintain a stock look. They also replace factory dash buttons with hard keys whose backlighting matches the lighting of the factory instrument cluster.

The nav system is also compatible with Alpine’s TuneIt smartphone app to tailor sound-system response to a specific vehicle’s interior acoustics.

Five new vehicle-specific Alpine Restyle dash systems raise the total number of such systems to seven, which fit into 90 percent of the truck trim levels available, said Steve Brown, Restyle development manager. The trim levels account for more than 8 million vehicles. The original two vehicle-specific systems fit into 10 to 15 percent of truck trim levels.

The latest systems range in price from $3,000 to around $3,400 and ship at various times between January and the end of March.

The company is stepping up its truck focus because truck owners spend more than car owners on aftermarket vehicle accessories, including wheels, suspensions, bed covers, and interior upgrades, Brown said. Trucks also offer fewer good-sounding premium OEM audio options than found in cars, he said.

For dealers, the margins on the Restyle systems are slightly higher than those of other car audio head units, and the margin is based on a much higher dollar figure, he said.

The newest Restyle systems are available for the for the 2013-2014 Ford F150, low- and mid-trim levels of the 2007-2013 GM trucks, 2013 and later Dodge Ram pickups, 2012 and later two- and four-door Jeep Wranglers, and the 2007-2013 Toyota Tundra.

They join a $3,000-suggested system for 2009-2012 Ford F-150 trucks and a $3,000 system for 2007-2013 GM trucks and 2007-2014 GM SUVs. The company also offers a $2,700 system intended for custom installation in a variety of trucks and SUVs.

The nav system features HD Radio, SiriusXM control, 3D navigation, and HDMI input to mirror the displays of HDMI-connected iPhones and Android phones.

Also at CES, Alpine extended the Restyle concept to include its first direct-fit amplifier/speaker package, which is designed for 2007-2013 Chevy and GMC trucks. Speakers fit into factory locations, a subwoofer goes behind the seat, an amp goes under the seat, and a supplied wiring harness plugs into the factory radio or into the Restyle nav system. It ships in May at a price that hasn’t been set.

Alpine plans more such speaker/amp packages in 2015 and “a much wider array” in 2016, Brown said.