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Aleratec is introducing three next-generation and two entirely new tower and desktop disc publishing solutions. All of the new products incorporate the latest high-speed DVD/CD recording technology and can make DVD copies at up to 20x or CD copies at up to 48x, the company says. The recorders support DVD-RAM and 8.5GB double-layer technology, and the new publishers also include an improved Aleratec Disc Publishing software suite with Windows Vista support.

The top-of-the- line 1:8 DVD/CD Tower Publisher HLX has eight SATA DVD recorders and can simultaneously produce up to 8 DVD/CD copies, recordings, or labeled discs with high-performance SATA data rates. A dual-channel eSATA host adapter is included for users without an eSATA port on their computer. With an optional 64 bit, 4-port PCI-X eSATA Host Adapter When installed in an Intel Xeon Based Server allows you to use two 1:8 DVD/CD Tower Publisher HLX together for duplicating and LightScribe label burning of up to 16 DVDs/CDs at one time. The publisher has an estimated retail of $1,269.