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EPOS | Sennheiser ADAPT 165T USB II Headset Review

An affordable wired headset with an excellent noise-cancelling microphone

    • Affordable
    • Comfortable for all-day use
    • Plug n Play with your PC and mobile device
    • Instant access to Teams calls
    • Can use the microphone on right or left of headset

  • Earcup adjustment can get loose with repeated adjustments
  • Sound can leak out at louder levels

We tested and reviewed the excellent enterprise-level EPOS ADAPT 660 Bluetooth headset in 2020, praising its comfort, performance and call clarity. So, when we had a chance to test a more affordable headset from the new EPOS ADAPT 100 line, we prepared ourselves for a possible drop in quality in some regard. We’re happy to be wrong.

Over this past month we’ve been able to use the EPOS ADAPT 165T USB II wired headset in our daily work fielding calls, listening to webinars and conference presentations – as well as jamming out to our favorite tunes while writing. While the 165T II (the “T” stands for Microsoft Teams compatibility) only cost $90 USD – roughly 20% of the cost of the 660’s – their build and sound quality are remarkably good for a professional headset under $100.

Created to meet the demands of today’s hybrid workplace and Microsoft Teams certified, the ADAPT 165T USB II is a wired, double-sided headset with 3.5 mm jack that plugs into a control unit that gives you USB connectivity for your computer. We really liked being able to use both connections depending on the situation we were in – on the go with our phone, or at the office with the USB connection. Both gave clear, static-free calls regardless of location and our call receivers said they could hear us just as clear during our tests.

The headset is ambidextrous, letting you wear it with the noise-cancelling microphone on your right or left side. This feature helps make the headset more comfortable than its single-ear counterparts, and during our tests it was nice to have the option to switch sides if we felt like it. Additionally, the headset only weighs 5.1 ounces, making it a lightweight option for long calls and listening sessions.

The speaker earpads rest easy on the ears, and don’t clamp on your head like other headsets. The headband has a soft rubber padding that, while not as comfortable as the deluxe padded headbands on the enterprise-level EPOS headsets, didn’t irritate too much during our workday tests. The earpads do not cover up your ears, so be aware that sound leakage can happen if you have the volume up high.

The 165T II’s speakers move up and down instead of having a traditional adjustable headband – a feature we found helped us stay comfortable during long calls as we could easily move an earpiece up or down with one hand. The earpads twist in so you can lay the headset flat on your desk or for storage in the included bag. The headband itself doesn’t have hinges that fold, so the headset can take up some room lengthways in your purse or bag – but fortunately, it lays fairly flat.

The Epos ADAPT 165T USB II is certified Microsoft Teams compatible, and you can access Teams calls with the push of the Teams button on the phone’s control device. This makes it incredibly easy to start Teams up without having to let go of your mouse or navigate to the app on your PC. The controls also allow you to adjust volume and mute. Unfortunately, if you are using the 3.5mm jack, you lose the functions of the control device and will have to use the phone or tablet controls for volume/mute/Teams instead.

The EPOS ADAPT 100 line has over 20 variations of quality, affordable headsets, and it’s worth checking them out to see what other options are available. You can find more details at


The EPOS ADAPT 165T USB II headset is affordable and perfect for professionals who are watching their budgets, but don’t want to sacrifice call quality. While there is only passive noise cancelling with this model’s earpads and you must have a wired connection, we highly recommend the 165T II headset for home and office workers alike. The noise-cancelling microphone quality is superb, and, for the price, the ADAPT 165T USB II headset is a steal.

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