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Zooms Offers VoIP Adapter for Multiple Service Providers

Boston, Mass. — VoIP hardware manufacturer Zoom has introduced a new VoIP terminal adapter that can be programmed by the consumer to work with 25 different VoIP service providers.

The Zoom VoIP Freedom adapter serves as alternative to hardware that is locked into a specific network. Consumers find a compatible VoIP service online through Zoom’s Web site and the connected adapter is automatically programmed when the user makes his/her selection online.

The adapter can be reprogrammed if a consumer decides to switch service providers.

Zoom’s roster of service providers includes iConnectHere, Free World Dialup, Global Village and other smaller and overseas providers, but not Vonage, 8×8, or SunRocket. Zoom’s adapter can work with any SIP-based VoIP network and VoIP companies register for free with Zoom to have their service listed.

For DSL users, the new adapter also allows for placing landline calls alongside VoIP calls on the same phone. If a consumer retains their landline, 911 calls are automatically routed over the traditional phone network and if the power goes out, the adapter automatically disables VoIP calling in favor of landline service.

The adapter can also bridge a mobile phone call with a VoIP service. Users with a cell phone can dial into the adapter, get a VoIP dial tone, and harness the VoIP network to place international calls without incurring long distance charges on the cell phone, the company said.

The adapter retails for $59.