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Zenith Kicks Off $30M HDTV Ad Push This Week

NEW YORK– Zenith kicked off a $30 million HDTV fall advertising campaign September 1 in which Zenith is sponsoring the majority of prime time HDTV programs on CBS and all HDTV prime time programs on ABC for the new season.

Along with the 30- and 15-second TV spots, which feature a Zenith 60-inch plasma display showing a space-age action sequence with typical Hollywood digital special effects, the campaign will also include ads in national consumer magazines. Some of the magazines include Time, Entertainment Weekly, Money, Architectural Digest, Gold and Sports Illustrated.

In addition to airing Zenith’s new commercials on the networks, selected prime time HDTV programs will feature Zenith’s logo in the opening credits, emphasizing the connection between Zenith and HDTV, the company said.

Sam Caputo, brand management and advertising director of Zenith, said at a screening of the new commercials that a special print program is also being run with USA Today, a weekly series of one-third page ads below the TV listings in the back of the Life section of the paper. “In addition to touting our HDTVs, the ads include a listing of what’s on HDTV tonight, a first for our industry,” he said.

The concept carries over to Zenith’s Web strategy, in which the site will allow consumers to log on with their zip code and see a listing of all the HDTV programming in their area.