Z-Wave, Control4 Build Bridges


CEDIA Expo 2009 Atlanta - Control4 home-automation systems will control home systems equipped with wireless Z-Wave technology, thanks to software drivers written by Z-Wave licensees for Control4 products.

The drivers can be loaded by installers onto Control4 systems, according to the Z-Wave Alliance, a consortium of companies promoting the wireless mesh-network control standard. The alliance, in making the announcement here at the CEDIA Expo, said Z-Wave companies have written drivers that installers can load onto Control4 controllers, such as touchscreens. Drivers have been written for 90 percent of the Z-Wave products on the market, and drivers for the remaining products are due soon, a spokesperson said. More than 300 Z-Wave products are on the market to control lighting, HVAC, appliances and home entertainment systems.

More than 1 million Control4 products have been installed to date in homes, the alliance said. Control4's home systems are based on industry standards such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi and a proprietary version of the wireless ZigBee standard to simplify the installation of multi-room-audio and home-control systems.


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