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YouTube, Wikipedia Top Yahoo Tech Trends Search

New York — YouTube was the top technology listed on Yahoo’s Top Trends in Search in 2007, while Britney Spears, recycling and NASCAR were No. 1 in the search engine’s other categories.

Even though the list was led by YouTube, Wikipedia and Facebook, CE products comprised the majority of the list with the iPhone, iPod, Xbox, Wii and PlayStation 3 all grabbing a great deal of interest this year.

Top tech items searched on Yahoo!

1. YouTube

2. Wikipedia

3. Facebook

4. iTunes

5. iPod

6. iPhone

7. Nintendo Wii

8. Xbox

9. Sony PlayStation 3

10. Guitar Hero

One reason cited by Yahoo for YouTube’s stellar performance was that YouTube was used in a massive way by political candidates for the first time.

Here is a complete list of all the topped searched-for items on Yahoo.