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Yamaha Ships CD-RW Drives, Speakers

LAS VEGAS -Yamaha today introduced three new products in its CD-RW and multimedia speaker families.

The LightSpeed CD-RW line will gain three models at CES.

A Yamaha spokeswoman said the company will display two SCSI models, one internal and one external, along with an external FireWire unit. These will carry suggested retail prices of $329, $399 and $449, respectively. A shipping date was not announced.

The drives, such as the external parallel port available for $299, feature 16x write, 10x rewrite and 40x reading and CD ripping speeds.

On the audio side, the company this week will start shipping the TSS-1 theater surround-sound system. This is a six-piece set with five satellites and a subwoofer with suggested retail price $249.

The set features 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS decoding. For gamers, the speakers operate in a 4.1-channel surround mode. The speakers will start shipping this week.