Xpand Supplies 3D Glasses To Kino 2012


Baden Baden, Germany - Xpand 3D will be the official 3D glasses supplier for Kino 2012, the German trade show for the movie industry that opens here tomorrow.

Cine Project, a cinema systems integrator based in Landshut, Germany, is providing Xpand active-shutter Infinity 3D glasses for use in all film screenings at the show.

"Kino 2012 is one of the most important cinema trade shows of the year, and the most influential cinema exhibitors will be in attendance, so the quality of the display systems at Kino 2012 screenings must be world-class," said Maria Costeira, Xpand's CEO. "Cine Project's deployment of Xpand Infinity glasses at Kino 2012 ensures an unmatched 3D experience for a highly knowledgeable audience."

 "Our goal for any project is to provide the highest-quality technology available," said Franz Kober of Cine Project, "and Xpand enables us to accomplish this goal. We are looking forward to a successful Kino 2012."

Xpand said its Infinity glasses are also optimized to work with laser projectors and are available in adult and children sizes.


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