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WWL, Petters Ink Deal On Polaroid Digital Cameras

World Wide Licenses (WWL), makers of Polaroid-branded digital cameras, announced a partnership with another Polaroid licensee, Petters Consumer Brands, that will allow Petters to become the exclusive distributor of Polaroid digital cameras in the United States.

With the new deal in place, Petters adds digital cameras to its line of Polaroid-branded TV players, DVD players and portable DVD players. WWL also earns the right to distribute Petters’ Polaroid lineup in overseas markets.

“This agreement provides retailers access to a wider range of branded products that are developed, manufactured and marketed for a global marketplace,” said Bill Dunlap, chairman, Petters Consumer Brands. “The agreement with World Wide Licenses allows us to consolidate manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of Polaroid-branded products in the most cost-effective manner possible.”

WWL had previous distribution agreement in place with Uniden, but the phone maker terminated the partnership several months ago because it was not in the company’s “strategic interests,” said Al Silverberg, president, Uniden.

WWL has a lineup of digital cameras, from $39.99 Web cams to the recently introduced 5-megapixel x530 for $499.99, which is the first consumer digital camera to incorporate a Foveon image sensor.