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World Series Of Video Games Comes To CES

Attendees of this year’s International CES will have an opportunity to see some of the best video game players in the world. Some players have made a professional career of video gaming and this year Intel is presenting the World Series of Video Games.

Located in the CES Central Plaza in the Las Vegas Convention Center, the event will take place throughout the show from January 8-11. The highlight will be the winners of the World Series of Video Game Finals. This will include exhibition matches on three stages.

“It is the first video game competition circuit on multiple gaming platforms that culminates in final rounds to name true world gaming champions,” said Matt Ringel, president and CEO of Games Media Properties.

The area around the event will include hands-on gaming opportunities as well as a main stage where video game industry executives and celebrity gamers will be making appearances. Ringel adds that they’ll make sure their presence is known. “Hot prizes will be awarded throughout the day.”