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Wireless E-readers Due From Aztak, Cool-er

New York – Not to be eclipsed in the rush to wireless e-readers,
second tier suppliers Aztak and Interead (Cool-er) are preparing their answers to the
spate of new 3G models from Sony, iRex and Barnes
& Noble
, as well as Amazon’s Kindle.

Possibly by the end of the year, Aztak may deliver up to two 3G
e-readers and one Wi-Fi model, it told TWICE. And startup Interead, maker of
the Cool-er is planning a Wi-Fi model, which may be unveiled at International
CES. The company is also looking at offering a 3G device, it said. 

Bob Barry, Aztak’s global business development director, said at least
one of Aztak’s wireless models may offer a 9.7-inch screen, another a 6-inch
screen, while a third may be a Mobile Internet Device (MID) possibly with a
color screen that can also be used in a monochrome mode for e-reading. Such a
dual-purpose screen will be available by year’s end from Pixel Qi with whom Aztak said it has “held
extensive in-person discussions,” according to Barry.

Aztak is also hoping that AT&T will be its 3G provider, but it
has not yet finalized a deal. No pricing on the devices has been announced.

Aztak also plans to offer e-readers with “flexi” plastic-like
9.7-inch screens suited to reading newspapers and periodicals at International
CES in January.

For its part, Interead’s new Wi-Fi product will “be kept in the
tradition of light, portable, in many colors…” and it will be priced at well
below $249, said marketing director Phil Wood. The current Cool-er, now at
$249, will be reduced in price by that time, he noted.

The Cool-er is sold online and through brick-and-mortar retailers
that are mainly in the U.K. but QVC in the U.S. will feature the product on
Dec. 4 at a discounted price and bundled with free e-books and accessories,
said Wood. He claimed the Cool-er has produced “millions” in revenue dollars
for the privately owned startup that launched the product in May, after only
four months of development. “Within four months we turned around from zero into
having turned million of dollars worth of devices [at present],” he said.

Aztak has also expanded beyond its two original EZ Reader 5- and
6-inch EPUB models adding a steup-up line called the Mentor. A new Mentor 6-inch e-reader allows users to play
games such as Sudoko. It also provides one-touch buttons that bring users back
to the main menu rather than requiring users back out of many exiting screens.
Another feature is switching from landscape to portrait with one button.

Aztak is offered at Fry’s,, and at several
e-bookstores plus Future Shop and Best Buy Canada, it said.