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WinDVD Gets BD Profile 1.1 Support

Ottawa — Computer software maker Corel said its WinDVD Blu-ray Disc playback software will receive BD-Video profile 1.1 certification, supporting picture in picture playback over running feature content.

Corel said the certification for BD-Video Profile 1.1 means that WinDVD “has passed the stringent standards and guidelines set by the Blu-ray Disc Association to ensure the best possible user experience.”

WinDVD with BD-Video Profile 1.1 support will be available beginning in early 2008.

BD-Video Profile 1.1 support will allow WinDVD users to use picture in picture functionality to playback a smaller high-definition video in the corner of their screen while watching the high-definition movie on the background main screen. The functionality is expected to be typically used for commentaries from directors and actors.

“Corel is pleased to be the first DVD playback software vendor to receive BD-Video 1.1 Certification,” stated Jeff Hastings, Corel digital media president. “With the retail release of Profile 1.1-enabled Blu-ray Discs early in 2008, WinDVD users will be able to enjoy the ultimate at-home movie viewing experience, watching their favorite high-definition Blu-ray Disc movies, while enjoying the director’s commentary at the same time.”