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Which consumer electronics product can’t you live without?

Gary Shapiro, president/CEO, Consumer Electronics Association

“My PDA. No, my HDTV. No, my computer. No, my DVD. No, my digital radio and navigational device. This is like asking me to choose which kid is my favorite!”

Dave Workman, executive director, Progressive Retailers Organization (PRO Group)

“My Treo 700. With my new responsibilities, I am in the office no matter where I am. Also my plasma TV and my audio system.”

Stan Glasgow, president/COO, Sony Electronics

“The PC and cellphone are the most critical to me from a business perspective and the high definition television from a personal perspective.”

Peter Weedfald, senior VP/GMM, entertainment/content, Circuit City

“1,080p high-definition television, portable music players and mobile phones.”

Max Wasinger, senior VP, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America

“Obviously, the iPod has revolutionized the music and entertainment industry, and I think the DVR has done the same for TV. I don’t think I could live without either one these days.”

Bob Lawrence, executive director, Brand Source

“It would be my laptop and e-mail. Even with the progression of cellphones, the ability to communicate in writing instantaneously has changed communication.”

Bob Perry, CE sales/channel marketing VP, LG Electronics USA

“The DVR. Not only does the DVR reshape consumer viewing habits, it gives consumers real control and will lead to true ‘home servers’ for entertainment.”

Sandy Bloomberg, founder and chairman, Tweeter Home Entertainment Group

“My TiVo. Enough said.”

Saul Gold, former executive director, NATM Buying Group; CE Hall of Fame member

“High-definition television. While most people likely think of cellphones or the Internet, most spend more time daily with TV news and entertainment. Nothing beats the New York Rangers in HD.”

Craig Geiger, executive VP/COO, JVC

“Despite all the innovations over the last 20 years, the television remains the one product I couldn’t live without. Satellite radio is great and so is my home theater sound system, but I absolutely need my TV.”

Bob Abt, CEO, Abt Electronics

“Definitely television. I watch a lot of news — CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg — and football. So I couldn’t go without my TV.”

Steve Trice, president/CEO, Jasco Products

“My laptop and 2GB smartphone.”

Don Patrican, executive VP Maxell Corporation of America

“Right now I’m hooked on my high-definition television. I think it’s the best CE product in a long time because it tangibly enhances the entertainment experience. You can really see and hear the difference.”

Ed Stravitz, CEO, Bell’O

“Cellphones, which I presume most of the people within the industry would consider the most important tool available to all of us in selling, management, communications and in every aspect of our business life.”

Joe Clayton, chairman, Sirius Satellite Radio

“I have to have a big-screen TV. I think that was an industry changing event. If you think about it, digital TV and digital sound — if you don’t have a big-screen digital TV, it’s just not the same experience.”

John Shalam, chairman/founder, Audiovox

“I can’t live without my BlackBerry, on which I have been totally dependent for 24/7 voice and e-mail communications.”

Jim Minarik, president/CEO, Directed Electronics

“Our home audio/video system. It utilizes HDTVs from Pioneer, Mitsubishi and Sharp, and gear from Yamaha, McIntosh, Sonance, Russound, Monster, Crestron and others. It’s like our own ‘year round’ CES!”

Stephen Witt, marketing VP, Alpine

“I can’t live, or drive, without car navigation. Since the day I arrived in California [summer 1995], I have had navigation so I never had to learn the local road system. I am a certified nav junkie.”

Steve Caldero, senior VP/COO, Ken Crane’s Home Entertainment

“My entire CD collection. Over 850 discs with over 11,000 songs are loaded on my Yamaha MusicCast MCX2000. Instantly, I have access to all of the music I have collected over the years.”

John Taylor, public affairs VP, LG Electronics USA

“HDTV. In the early 1980s those first big-screen rear-projection analog TVs were pretty cool, but nothing like the amazing resolution and all-encompassing entertainment experience of HDTV. ”

Roger Dressler, technology strategy director, Dolby Labs

“TiVo. Not DVR, real TiVo.”

Loyd Ivey, founder and CEO, Mitek, CEA chairman

“My laptop with wireless Sprint card and my cellphones. My phones give me global presence 24 hours a day, If we didn’t have instant messaging, Skype, laptops or cellphones, the world would go right past us.”

Martin Kono, president, Panasonic Consumer Electronics

“The simple cordless telephone. It freed consumers from being tied to a single location. It was a necessity waiting to happen. And my Toughbook laptop PC. It’s like an extension of my brain.”

Bob Weissburg, sales and marketing president, D&M North America

“At home, the DVD player and the DVR. Most recently, XM radio in the car. You get used to commercial-free radio and having the ultimate jukebox in the car.”

Bjorn Dybdahl, president, Bjorn’s Audio Video

“A great portable CD player (I know it should be an iPod, but I’m old fashioned) and noise-canceling headphones. I can take my favorite music almost anywhere and not be bothered by what’s happening around me.”

Bill Trawick, president and executive director, NATM Buying Corp.

“My cellphone.”

Richard Glikes, executive director, Home Theater Specialists Association

“Plasma TV.”

Tony Mirabelli, marketing and sales senior VP, Cobra Electronics

“I can’t live without my computer. However, when it crashes, I have been tempted to throw it out the window.”

Mike Townsen, VP field sales mobile business group, Pioneer Electronics

“There is no more important product to me than a great car audio system. Being able to listen to music in my car is one of the few moments I have during the week to just relax and escape the stress a short while.”

Noel Lee, CEO, Monster Cable

“It has to be the cellphone and the PDA.”

Bernie Appel, president Appel Associates; former RadioShack president; CE Hall of Fame member

“My TiVo, cellphone and computer.”

Jay Buchanan, electronics division director, Nebraska Furniture Mart

“My array of hi-fi audio playback devices for home and portable applications, my HP Multimedia notebook PC, my Pocket PC phone and my home theater equipment.”

Steve Wozniak, creator, Apple I, II computer

“Car navigation systems, TiVo and the Internet.”

Gary Richard, CEO, P.C. Richard & Son

“The computer, which is essential for the management of our business each and every day. It gives us the ability to quickly act and react to each segment of our business.”

Brad Anderson, vice-chairman/CEO, Best Buy

“The CD. I started in this business because I loved music and wanted to hear it in the most lifelike way.”

Tom Campbell, corporate director, CompUSA

“My new multimedia laptop computer and Garmin GPS that does everything: music, navigation, live traffic update and bluetooth link to my cell phone. I’m in love!”