What Will Be The Top Products In The CE Industry in 2016?

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“Smartphones — they will be the nexus of entertainment, data, as well as communications.” —

Warren Mann

, Managing Director, World Merchants

“HDTVs and Internet tablets because HDTV keeps evolving and improving in technology, and Internet tablets because they will also become a household product that millions will buy.” —

Ron Bigos

, Sales, Home Entertainment Distributors

“I think that tablets will be one of the leading categories five years from now. What will be interesting is to see how they integrate into your everyday life, such as docking and controlling your tablets in your vehicle, bridging the UI gap that all products have these days.” —

Jason Montalvo

, Account Executive, Focused Marketing Solutions

“Handheld multi-use devices. iPhone has changed the game. Consumers no longer need multiple deivces — GPS, camera, phone, video camera and even computer.” —

Sara Lane

, Sales Manager, Haier America

“Tablets and smartphones will continue to evolve, and depending on the state of the economy, new TV technologies like OLED may begin to make inroads.” —

Clay Cupples

, A/V Buyer, Queen City Audio Video & Appliances

“Smartphone — once it gets ‘Live TV’ it’ll be a new day. Laptops-tablets will be second as they become the brains of the brains of the TV cloud delivery to smartphones, laptops/tablets, etc.” —

Kris Portmann

, President, Kaliber LTD Inc

“Tablets are fast becoming a driving force in the industry and remain a dominant platform for many years to come. The other categories that will dominate include smartphones, but HDTV, in different iterations including 3D [and] IPTV, will also continue as a top category and gateway in the home.” —

Mike Fidler

, Owner, MRF Consulting

“As the tablet industry ramps up and expands the software applications, more consumers will go to the tablets instead of notebooks [and] TVs. This will not change. The only thing that changes will be how we receive content.” —

Randy Adams

, Vendor Business Manager, Ingram Micro Consumer Electonics Division

“Portable ‘smart’ devices but something far more advanced than what we currently know as the smartphone.” —

Jeff Kussard

, Strategic Development, Capitol

“Video games. This category continues to grow. More systems to play games. Consoles continue to improve.” —

Vance Cochran

, PEM Manager, Fred Meyer

“Mobile Internet devices, appcessories, displays, network items [are] all content [that] will move around the network and the Cloud, so these endpoints and the items to improve, customize, and accessorize them will be the largest categories.” —

Robert Heiblim

, Principal, BlueSalve/RH Associates

“Home automation that provides lifestyle convenience. People want instant access to their security, cameras, lighting. They want notifications when things happen and when they don’t happen.” —

Ron Pullen

, General Manager, Audio Video by Design


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