What Will Be The Most Dramatic Change In The CE Industry In The Next Five Years?

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“The demise of the traditional ‘big-box’ CE store in favor of more specialized and targeted formats which focus on delivering an experience for their respective categories.” —

David J. Workman

, Executive Director/COO, PRO Buying Group

“With the steady growth and adoption of 3D imaging and devices, we may begin to see a new level of technology that will allow us to capture and share virtual threedimensional space and enjoy using the new and unique 360-degree imaging devices that will capture the places and events of our lives.” —

Eliott Peck

, Sales VP/GM, Canon U.S.A.’s Imaging Technologies & Communications Division

“The expansion of the mobile commerce platform and advancements in smartphone technology will have the most dramatic influence on the CE industry over the next five years.” —

Peter Brinkman

, VP Corporate Marketing, Casio America

“Bandwidth.” —

Jay Buchanan

, Electronics Division Director, Nebraska Furniture Mart

“We will see smartphones and tablets with personalized content and control, which will be the ‘Trojan Horse’ that makes the connected home mainstream.” —

Jim Ristow

, Executive VP, BrandSource / Home Entertainment Source

“The redefinition of CE, the long-sought ‘whole-home solutions’ business, will become the norm, with easy-to-use, intuitive, readily upgradable “smart” systems for communications, energy management, home healthcare, transportation, and economical and practical support for daily work and home life.” —

Joseph M. Taylor,

Chairman/ CEO, Panasonic Corp. of North America

“Media will go away, and everything will be streamed from somewhere else, ultimately the Cloud. It levels the playing field for all. Once that happens, we can maybe get back to making finer transducers, charge more, become more profitable again and drive cooler stuff.” —

Robert A. Cole,

President, Bob & Ron’s World Wide Stereo

“We are in the midst of the next wave of seamless integration of hardware and software where innovations like app-based platforms and smart devices unleash the full potential of sharing and accessing content in a Cloud-based environment. This is spurring the creation of new products as the industry seeks new ways to provide seamless access, satisfying the consumers’ insatiable desire for content, information and staying connected.” —

Tim Baxter,

President/ CE Division, Samsung Electronics America

“I believe the most dramatic change will be in how the customer shops for and purchases product. The merging of the Internet and the mobile device and the evolving social media network will dramatically alter how merchants go to market.” —

Bill Trawick

, President/ Executive Director, NATM Buying Corporation

“Will we have a body-monitoring chip installed to warn us of potential dangers to our body? With 1,825 days to ponder, five years seems like a very long time with giant computers and the cell explosion we may well correspond by thought transmission. With new technology developing daily, 1,800-plus days is challenging to predict.” —

Con Maloney

, Chairman, Cowboy Maloney’s Electric

“The opportunity to leverage the capabilities of advanced technology in the connected world. And, most importantly, translating this to a great consumer experience that stimulates a broader basket of items purchased. The profit will come from the complete transaction versus the stand-alone margin on a single device.” —

Michael Fasulo

, Executive VP/Sales Operations, Sony Electronics

“Developments that will certainly influence dramatic change include Tax Nexus legislation, vendor direct-to-consumer sales, how content will be monetized, and connecting with consumers in a world of unstructured data e.g. social media, m-commerce and disruptive mobility. Lastly, I believe specialty retail will be energized by new smaller niche retail formats with all-channel integration.” —

George Manlove

, Chairman, President & CEO, Vann’s

“The channels of trade are shifting and will be significantly different than what we traditionally see today.” —

Jim Bazet,

Chairman/ CEO, Cobra Electronics

“We expect the most dramatic change to be exponentially more compelling integration across a range of products and devices. This will allow for easy access to all types of digital content anytime, anywhere, on any connected device. We will also see the retail marketplace continue to evolve to meet the consumer where they are, and in the palm of their hand.” —

Mike Vitelli

, President/The Americas, Best Buy

“New companies and services will breakthrough quickly, home health care will become big, and tough macroeconomics will challenge all of us.” —

Gary Shapiro

, President/CEO, Consumer Electronics Association

“Cloud Services will truly give customers the ability to drive their lifestyle rather than dependent on others driving their lifestyle. Our entertainment/information will truly become available when the customer demands that service to be available.” —

Mike Troetti

, President, Coby Electronics

“The greatest change will be the power of consumers and their influence in development of products, services and distribution channels.” —

Jay Vandenbree

, Senior VP and head of U.S. Home Entertainment Business, LG Electronics

“Digital content delivered to smart TV’s, tablets PCs, smartphones, automobiles and other devices.” —

Marc Sculler

, President, Bell’O International

“There will be big changes in retail distribution. The storefront we know today will be totally different. You will be able to see, touch, feel and experience the products at retail, then touch an icon in the store and it will be available the same day. With products there will be 3D, 4K paper-thin displays that you could roll out onto a wall.” —

Tom Campbel

l, President, Tom Campbell Enterprises

“Content and information are the driving forces behind CE now, and I think we will see the advent of consumers having one content source that they can easily experience in home, in vehicle or anywhere they happen to be, which will drive all manner of new devices and services.” —

Tom Sumner

, President, Yamaha Electronics Corporation, USA

“In the next five years, CE companies will need to prepare for a further shift from selling stand-alone devices to selling software applications for highly capable connected devices like smartphones and tablets. Our Viper SmartStart is a great example — displacing the traditional keyfob remote starter with the smartphone.” —

Michael S. Simmons,

Executive VP, Directed Electronics

“I see connectivity as the most significant feature in any new consumer electronics product. We have become a data-driven society and we demand products that deliver more information, more flexibility and faster response time. The companies that respond to that will shape the consumer electronics future.” —

John J. Shalam

, Founder and Chairman, Audiovox Corporation

“In the next five years we will see the proliferation of home automation and control. Smart appliances will contribute to this technology wave making the kitchen the heartbeat of the household. Automation will also facilitate ‘aging in place’ solutions for the Baby Boomer generation.” —

Jeannette Howe,

Executive Director, Specialty Electronics Nationwide


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