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Westinghouse Adds TV Firmware Updates

Santa Fe, Calif. – Westinghouse Digital Electronics said it is now providing customers who have purchased one of 18 Westinghouse HD LCD TV models from 2007 and 2008 the ability to upgrade the product’s firmware — in some cases adding new features and benefits – through software they can download in the convenience of their own homes.

Westinghouse said some of the downloads will support “the latest HDTV technologies such as picture viewers, audio enrichment and color advancements.” In addition, the online firmware upgrades should enable consumers to access future technologies and updates not yet available or on the market, the company said.

Exact models that will qualify for the updates are listed on the Westinghouse Digital Web site.

“Westinghouse Digital is committed to providing innovation, value and extending the life of the HDTV. By further improving upon the technology and features, even after purchase, Westinghouse Digital is offering an amazing value to the consumer,” stated Rey Roque, Westinghouse Digital Electronics marketing VP.

Currently available firmware upgrades include the ability to download picture viewers that let users view digital photos on their HDTVs, the latest audio improvements such as true sound systems and color gamut advancement to enhance color image and quality.

Westinghouse Digital said it is also working to offer online firmware upgrades for its complete line of LCD computer monitors and digital photo frames.

“Users simply log onto the Westinghouse Digital Web site, enter the HDTV’s serial number and have automatic access to download the latest firmware updates to a USB drive,” said Roque, adding that USB thumb drives will require 120MG to 256MB of capacity for some of the updates. “Users just insert the USB drive into the Westinghouse Digital HDTV and it automatically updates the TV with the upgrades.”

Westinghouse said it will assist customers attempting the software upgrades if any problems arise using a telephone help line from its customer service center. Customers will be able to follow the user-friendly instructions to identify and download the exact model’s firmware and eliminate any software issues.