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Western Digital Unveils My Cloud Storage Family

New York — Western Digital today introduced its My Cloud family of personal storage devices.

The My Cloud is designed to give users access to all their data at anytime when they are connected to the Internet from their portable device, said Scott Vouri, WD’s consumer marketing VP. At the same time, by retaining control and the physical ownership of the hard drive, My Cloud should help alleviate consumer worries about where the music and photos reside, he said.

The drives will come in 2TB, 3TB and 4TB versions with respective prices of $149, $179 and $249. The 2TB and 3TB models are now available, and the 4TB will follow in November.

The drives are matched with Android and iOS apps that enable these tablets and smartphones to access or download content. It will also initiate content backup across all of a family’s devices.

Vouri said this will help consumers consolidate their photos and music from across all their devices, a situation he referred to as “digital chaos,” into one central location.

WD did note that there are many Cloud services available that accomplish the same task, but Vouri pointed out that these have yearly subscription charges and limited space.

“We feel people worry about the security of their content,” he said, adding that the My Cloud should placate these worries by placing in right in their home and not on a remote server farm.

Western Digital also noted the growing need for home storage, citing a Gartner report that said the average house will have about 3.3TB of digital content by 2016.