Western Digital Releases New Remote-Access App

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Irvine, Calif - Western Digital has introduced two apps for its My Book Live.

The WD 2Go and WD 2Go Pro provide mobile access to a WD Live storage unit for devices using the iOS and Android operating systems. The apps can also be downloaded onto a laptop or PC to give access to a storage unit from outside the home through the Internet.

The Pro version enables users to physically download files onto the mobile device, while the free version simply streams these files from the storage unit to the device. The Pro version also has automatic syncing of the portable device to the storage drive, access to email, and additional security requiring a four-digit pass code to gain access to the storage drive.

WD 2Go is Western Digital's second generation of remote-access software. The WD 2Go is a free download, while the WD 2Go Pro costs $2.99.


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