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Voxx Adds Remote Starts For Newer Mercedes Cars

Hauppauge, N.Y. – Voxx Electronics shipped its first FlashLogic remote-start system for 2012-2014 Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

The $849-suggested FLRSBZ4 makes it possible to add a non-factory remote-start system to the vehicles, the company said. Installations of aftermarket remote-start systems in the vehicles previously “were limited by proprietary vehicle electronics,” said Voxx Electronics president Tom Malone.

The product is available at authorized Prestige, Pursuit and Code Alarm dealers.

The company previously offered FlashLogic remote-start systems for select Mercedes models from earlier model years.

FlashLogic remote-start systems are promoted as delivering seamless integration into an OEM databus via a plug-and-play T-harness that doesn’t void a factory warranty. FlashLogic systems also enable a factory keyless-entry remote to control the remote-start system.

The system can be used with Voxx’s Car Connection PRO, which lets users remotely start their car via smartphone app.

Also new is the MBTool, which enables the removal of a Mercedes Benz ignition switch as part of the remote-start system’s installation.

With the introduction of the Mercedes system, “we are now giving dealers profit opportunities that simply did not exist before because they were limited by proprietary vehicle electronics,” said Malone.