Vizio Launches Passive Glasses 3D LCD TV


Irvine, Calif. -


introduced Thursday a 65-inch 3D Razor LED LCD TV called Theater 3D.

The Theater 3D technology is the first flat-panel 3DTV released in the U.S> to be based on polarized "passive" 3D glasses technology. The approach is said to be less expensive, battery and connection free and are lighter to wear than most active-shutter glasses.

Some viewers believe passive glasses also produce less eye strain than  current "active shutter" technology.

 The VT3D650SV is also Vizio's largest HDTV to date and is available now at a $3,500 suggested retail from Costco, Sam's Club and online.

Vizio is promoting the system with the tagline: "Entertainment Freedom For All" to underscore the elimination of the comfort and cost constraints of active shutter systems.

Vizio said 3D images produced on the set are clear, flicker-free and brighter than conventional 3D.

Theater 3D also has one half of the visual crosstalk distortion, handles fast action motion without blurring images, has a wider horizontal viewing angle of active shutter 3D systems.

The passive glasses are the same as those used in 3D movie theaters, which many people may have taken home with them. Vizio will supply four pairs of glasses with each set.

Two of the four pairs were specially designed to accommodate prescription eyeglass wearers.

The "Theater 3D glasses" will come in multiple styles.

 "Our Theater 3D technology is a significant step forward in bringing a high-quality, immersive experience home to consumers," stated Matthew McRae, Vizio CTO. "The bright and flicker-free images, extremely low crosstalk, and comfortable glasses allow extended viewing of content without the side-effects associated with the first generation of 3D technology.  This is increasingly important as more content is released and 3D gaming goes mainstream."

Vizio will add the XVT3D650SV to its previously launched active shutter 3D LCD TVs. Vizio said it also supports Sensio Hi-Fi 3D, a high quality, visually lossless 3D format that enables 3D content to be delivered over 2D infrastructure as well as RealD's patented side-by-side format.

The set also includes Smart Dimming technology to improve color and black level performance from the 32-zone edge-lit LED system.

It also supports for Vizio Internet Apps connected streaming platform, with currently available apps including: Amazon Video On Demand, Facebook, Flickr, Netflix, Rhapsody, Pandora, Twitter, VUDU and Yahoo! TV Widgets. Additional Apps recently released include Fandango, Yahoo Fantasy Football, NBA Game Time, Wiki TV, My-Cast, MediaBox, TuneIn Radio, Web Videos and iMemories.

Audio in the set is enhanced by SRS Labs TruSurround HD system that creates an immersive surround sound experience from two speakers. In addition, SRS TruVolume provides a consistent volume level while watching TV programming.


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