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Vivitek Ships Qumi, Unveils DLP Link 3D Models

New York –


started shipping to dealers its first pocket-sized Pico-class 3D-ready projector
for the U.S. market, called Qumi, to be shortly followed by a new 3D projector
for the home.

The tiny $499 Qumi projector uses Texas Instruments’ latest mini
DLP Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) chip for Pico class projectors and an LED
lighting system from Luminous. Vivitek designed and built the unit’s light

Vivitek is targeting the product at technophiles, video gamers
and mobile professionals as the early audience.

It is taking Qumi to market both through online stores including
Amazon and select brick-and-mortar retail partners across the country.

The Qumi is available in black or white body color options, measures
6.3 inches by 1.2 inches by 3.9 inches (about the size of book), and weighs 1.4
pounds. It is also said to be the first pocket projector that is 3D-ready via
Texas Instruments’ DLP Link technology.

DLP Link inserts information between video frames for
synchronization with active-shutter 3D glasses, instead of using IR or
Bluetooth connections.

The Qumi includes a top-mounted touch-sensitive button control
panel and will support a range of source devices, including digital cameras,
laptops, smartphones and tablets.

It produces 1,280 by 720p HD resolution, 300 lumens of brightness,
a 2,500:1 contrast ratio and will support input signals of up to 1080p/60.

Connectivity options include a mini-HDMI port, Universal I/O
(24-pin connector for VGA/component input), A/V mini-jack audio-out, and USB
and MicroSD slots for content and memory expansion.

It also offers a built-in 1-watt speaker.

Meanwhile, Vivitek’s latest series of standard size 3D-ready home/educational/data
projectors include the D512-3D ($549), the D536-3D ($649) and the D538-3D
($749). All are slated to ship to dealers in early July.

All three DLP projectors use UHP lamp lighting sources and
present both 2D and 3D images. They are supported by TI’s new DLP Link
technology for 3D glasses are will work with optional 3D active-shutter glasses
from Xpand3D.

The D512-3D offers SVGA resolution and 2,600 lumens of brightness.
The D536-3D offers XVGA resolution and 3,200 lumens of brightness, and the
D538-3D offers WXGA resolution and 3,200 lumens of brightness.